International English daycare with a STEAM-based curriculum!


Kidschool Mission 


We believe that children are absorbing and learning from birth and are capable of learning much more than we think. We know that this natural desire to learn during the first years of life is encouraged when a child learns through play We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment, where children can develop a sense of control, relax and have fun. When they relax and have fun, they develop their self-esteem and learn to express their individual personalities. We see this individual expression as the beginning of their journey on the path to becoming self-learners and masters of their own destiny.

Kidschool Whole Child Concept

Kidschool's Aims and Objectives

  • 全人格教育を行うー手と心そして頭脳。
  • 子どもたちが異文化の人に対しても、やさしい心が発達する手助けをする。
  • 子どもたちが生涯楽しく学習をする姿勢を身につける手助けする。

  • To educate the whole child – HAND and HEART as well as MIND.
  • To help children develop kindliness towards other cultures.
  • To help children develop a love of learning, that continues throughout their life.

Kidschool Having So Much Fun

Our Guiding Principles

  • 私たちは子どもたちを信頼し、全ての子どもに最善を見つけます。
  • 私たちは子どもたちは豊かな環境で学ぶ権利があると信じています。
  • 私たちは子どもたちが健康で安全でサポートされる権利があると信じています。

  • We believe in the children and look for the best in every child.
  • We believe children have a right to an enriched learning environment.
  • We believe children have a right to be healthy, safe and supported.

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